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Industrial Base Papers2018-06-29T14:13:23+00:00


This group includes those papers that are used as raw materials for industries other than printing factories, which use paper in their processes. Paper is thus a base which allows impregnation with any kind of chemical product or any further transformation such as coating, gumming, parafinning etc. This is why these papers are also called industrial base papers.

J. Vilaseca produces:

  • Self-copy base;
  • Self-adhesive base;
  • Ticketing board base;
  • Foodservice board base (for beverages and food);
  • Parchmentizing base;
  • Parafinning base;
  • Gumming base;
  • Plastifying base.

Each of these industrial base papers must satisfy the conditions set by the industrial process and, moreover, must meet the requirements of the end user.

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